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The following requirements must be met while you are a recipient of The Next Step scholarship. Failure to meet these requirements can lead to the loss of future fund disbursement and scholarships. If any of your circumstances changes, you must contact us about your situation.

    • Recipients agree to keep the Scholarship Committee informed of major changes in education, employment, life events, and recovery status.
        • You must remain active in a 12-step recovery program and communicate any changes in recovery status.
        • You must inform us if you drop a class(es), change schools, change majors, or decide to not attend school in any particular semester.
        • You must be gainfully employed at least part-time. If your employment situation changes, please let us know.
        • If your address, phone number, or emails address changes, let us know right away. We communicate primarily via email, but it is important to keep your contact information current.
        • If there are any major life events that you feel we should be aware of (positive or negative) please let us know!
    • All deadlines for submission (grades, schedule, disbursement forms) throughout the year will be communicated via email and can be found on the student portal. Failure to follow deadlines may result in forfeiture of the scholarship.
    • Recipients must submit their grades each semester and maintain a 2.0 GPA while receiving our scholarship. Falling below a 2.0, dropping a class after the refund date during the previous semester, or receiving a grade of an F may affect your future scholarship funding.
    • Recipients must volunteer for The Next Step. The primary way to do this is by attending the Annual Scholarship Celebration in October, which is our biggest fundraising event and a celebration of our students. You can also write thank you notes to donors, share your story for marketing and fundraising purposes, and other opportunities as they become available.
    • Scholarships may only be used for tuition and books. This is a rare occurrence, but if you receive a scholarship refund from your educational institution, those funds must be returned to The Next Step. This does not apply to situations where a recipient might receive living expenses from additional student loans, grants, or scholarships from other sources.
    • Recipients must abide by standards of ethical conduct at all times.