We invite our donors to further invest in our students by creating a named scholarship or fund. Named scholarships require a minimum commitment of $25,000. 

Named scholarships go above and beyond the general funding given by The Next Step to further help meet our student’s needs while reflecting a donor’s specific interests or desires. Establishing a named scholarship can be a special way to honor or memorialize a loved one’s interests or accomplishments, honor an individual in recovery, or encourage students in a particular academic or professional area.

To inquire about setting up a named scholarship, contact Darcy Glidewell, Executive Director, at 314.719.2880, ext 101, or via email.

Current Named Scholarships

Barbara Murphy Single Parent Fund
Jim and Nancy Murphy started this scholarship in memory of Jim’s mother, Barbara. This special scholarship helps single parents in recovery with funds that can be used for anything that will help ease their financial burdens.

Gina May Wiese Memorial Scholarship
Board member Ron Wiese set up this memorial scholarship in memory of his late wife, Gina. This scholarship helps with educational expenses beyond the general scholarship for eligible students, meeting criteria focusing on classroom excellence and respecting and caring for others. 

Kansas City Scholarship Fund
This fund will provide scholarships to eligible students in recovery from the Kansas City area.


Empowering Recovery: By providing scholarships, we help individuals in recovery access education, which can be a crucial element in rebuilding their lives. Education can empower individuals, providing them with skills and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Rising Above Addiction: Education plays a significant role in breaking the cycle of addiction. It enhances individuals’ self-esteem and confidence and equips them with the tools needed to pursue a different path, reducing the likelihood of relapse.

Investing in Long-Term Success: Supporting education is an investment in the long-term success of individuals in recovery. It opens doors to better employment opportunities, financial stability, and a more fulfilling life, ultimately contributing to their continued recovery.

Building a Supportive Community: We foster a sense of community by supporting individuals on their educational journey. As a donor, you can contribute to creating a supportive environment where individuals feel valued and encouraged to pursue their educational goals.

Reducing Stigma: By supporting an organization that assists individuals in recovery, you can help reduce the stigma associated with substance use disorder. Education is a powerful tool for challenging stereotypes and promoting a more compassionate and understanding society.

Making a Tangible Impact: Tuition assistance provides a concrete and tangible form of support. When you make a donation, you are paying for tuition and books for individuals in recovery. We keep our expenses low so your donation has the greatest impact possible.

Supporting Second Chances: Education is often seen as a second chance for individuals in recovery. By contributing to scholarships, you are actively participating in helping individuals an opportunity to build a new, positive chapter in their lives.

Contributing to the Greater Good: Donors to The Next Step contribute to a cause beyond individual impact. They are part of a collective effort to address the societal challenges associated with addiction and promote positive change. They not only help individuals in recovery but their families and, ultimately, the St. Louis community.