Scholarship Requirements

1) You Must Be Active in Recovery

You must attend meetings, have a home group, a sponsor, do service work, and have a minimum of six consecutive months of recovery (clean and sober).

2) You Must Demonstrate Financial Responsibility

You must be gainfully employed and have made financial restitution for any past debts or be in the process of doing so.

3) You Must Be Enrolled or Planning on Enrolling
in School

You must be enrolled or planning on enrolling in an Associate program, Bachelor’s degree program, graduate degree program, vocational or technical school program.

4) You Must Live in the Greater St. Louis Area

All scholarship recipients must live in the greater St. Louis area, but they may attend schools outside of the area.

5) You Must Follow All Deadlines and Scholarship Requirements

A).  In order to schedule an interview, your Scholarship Application, including Essay and Sponsor Letter of Recommendation must be received by May 1st.  Failure to provide these prior to the deadline will result in immediate rejection of application.

B).  All deadlines for submission (grades, schedule, etc.) throughout the year will be communicated via email. Failure to follow deadlines will result in forfeiture of scholarship.  

C).  All recipients must submit a transcript each semester.  Dropping a class after the refund date during the previous semester may affect your scholarship.


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