How to Apply

1) Filling Out the Application

Please make sure your answers are correct, as your decision will be based on the information that you provide. Applications are considered by the Scholarship Committee, which submits names to The Next Step Board for approval.

2) Sponsor Letter of Recommendation Needed

A letter of recommendation is required from your sponsor. Ask your sponsor to send a letter of recommendation to: The Next Step, Attn: Scholarship Committee. Inform them that a member of the scholarship committee may contact them.

3) Verification of Employment

Verification of current employment is required. A member of the scholarship committee will contact your employer to verify employment.

4) Interview

An interview with the scholarship committee will be held with each qualifying candidate.


The Next Step – Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 440413
St. Louis, MO 63144

NOTE: Packets will be considered complete when the application and letter of recommendation are received by the deadline of May 1st. Incomplete or late packets will not be considered.

Information provided by the applicant and authorized person(s)/agencies will be held in confidence and shared only with individuals connected to The Next Step.

Deadline applies to the application form and letter of recommendation. Those who do not meet this deadline cannot be considered.

Applicants will be notified of dates, times and location of interview sessions.

You are applying for a scholarship that will apply to the fall and winter semesters. The maximum scholarship amount awarded for the combined semesters is $3,000. Monies are paid directly to the educational institution. No monies will be paid directly to the recipient. Applicants must also agree to keep the Board up to date on pertinent issues or changes related to finances, recovery, employment, service work, and education.

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